Welcome to Dr. Christina Y. Ahn’s homepage. Dr. Ahn is an award winning reconstructive and plastic surgeon with over 29 years of experience in breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, suffering from breast implants, or experiencing other breast related problems, you have come to the right website. Choosing the perfect doctor is one of the many anxieties many women feel when it comes to obtaining successful and pleasant medical care. Dr. Ahn has over 29 years of experience with breast reconstruction with fantastic results and can possibly be that perfect doctor for you. She is internationally recognized for her clinical expertise and exceptional patient care.

We realize that dealing with medical hardships can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. Our staff is superb and always willing to give 110% when it comes to patient care. We provide dedicated emotional support and are strongly determined to prepare you for the next step to successful healing.

We will help you every step of the way to guide you throughout this process. Dr. Ahn treats her patients with the utmost respect, care and support, treating each patient as a family member of her own. She will give you her undivided attention during your initial consultation and provide you with all of the information you need to choose the right procedure. Utilizing the most current and advanced techniques, Dr.Ahn explores and offers cutting edge microsurgical reconstructive options to her patients. Her area of expertise includes: Post mastectomy (BRCA gene mutation) microvascular breast reconstruction using Perforator Free Flaps DIEP/ SIEA/S-GAP/ I-GAP/ TUG/ I-CAP/ T-DAP amongst others. We are strong advocates of pursuing the belief that women can salvage their natural outer beauty to counterpart their innate inner beauty.

Dr. Christina Y. Ahn was featured on CBS Sunday Morning News:”The Model and the mastectomy: Baring all after breast cancer”

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  1. My history, when I met Dr Ahn, included many repeat surgeries due to my body’s inability to accept breast implants after a bilateral mastectomy. I met Dr Ahn in approximately 1993, at UCLA Medical Center, when autologous transdermal flaps were in the early stages of development. I was working with UCLA and heard about the program. I approached the program with great hope..hope that the end of a succession of surgeries might be in sight. I have to say, twenty nine years later, the surgery was an amazing success. She is a very caring, and gifted surgeon

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