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Photo Disclaimer

These exemplary patient photos are all Dr. Christina Ahn’s actual patients who underwent plastic and reconstructive procedures. We understand that seeing pre-operative and post-operative photos of patients who underwent different types of plastic and reconstructive procedures is imperative in helping you to learn about various surgical options and results that Dr. Ahn can accomplish.

The following patient photographs are for informational and educational purposes and have been consented for showing. These photos should be utilized only to assist other patients in contemplating their surgical decision.

Please note that each patient is unique and results may vary depending on body shape, medical history, age and other factors. Dr. Ahn will be happy to show you additional before and after photographs during your consultation with her.

These photographs may contain nudity and therefore may not be suitable for all viewers, particularly children under 18.

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Nipple Sparing Mastectomy | BRCA | DIEP Flap | GAP Flap | Stacked DIEP | TDAP-LTD Flap | Poland’s | Implant Removal | Fat Grafting | Cosmetic Surgery

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