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Patient Testimonial: Fat Grafting, Breast Implant Removal, Capsulectomy

"In late October 2009, I awoke one morning to find that one of the saline breast implants I had put in 16 years earlier had ruptured overnight. I thought I would have both implants removed and not replaced, since at the age of 53 I did not want to contemplate having to replace implants again in my late 60s or early 70s. I did some research online and found Dr. Ahn. I was impressed with her biography and made an appointment for a consultation.

I was extremely impressed with Dr. Ahn’s professionalism and the amount of time she spent explaining my options at the consultation. When she told me about the fat grafting option I was intrigued, having never heard of the procedure. After thinking it over for a few days, I decided to go ahead with the fat grafting. I have always trusted my instincts and I felt quite strongly that Dr. Ahn was someone I could trust to do a good job. Needless to say, when it comes to doing a procedure of this magnitude to one’s body, it’s not a decision one makes lightly. My instincts proved correct at every step of the procedure. Although I was nervous the day of the surgery I felt reassured when I saw Dr. Ahn. The follow-up visits after the surgery have been very thorough. Most importantly, the results of the procedure have given me the best body I’ve ever had! My breasts are much more natural-looking than with the implants but about the same size and my lower body is subtly slimmer-looking in a way that I am very pleased with (as is my husband!). I have no regrets whatsoever about my decision to have the fat-grafting procedure done with Dr. Ahn and highly recommend her to anyone who is considering it. Best of all, I feel really good about the fact that my body is all "me," no foreign objects!"

E. H.