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"The day a woman is told that she has breast cancer, she begins a long, grueling journey. It is a journey that not one of us would choose to make and certainly not alone. The first step is the most difficult one, made easier with someone’s hand to hold. That knowledgeable and gentle hand, that comforting and confident hand belongs to Dr. Christina Ahn.

Dr. Ahn has set the standard for other plastic surgeons. Underneath a beautiful, calm, assured demeanor she is a force to be reckoned with. Everyone in the hospital toes the line when they are around her. She surrounds herself with a competent, caring staff; making sure her patients get the best medical care possible. Her intellect, skill and above all, compassion have made her a wonderful role model

Dr. Ahn is unique. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a life-altering, overwhelming experience that needs immediate attention. Not only are there physical components to deal with, but there are also huge emotional factors. Many plastic surgeons are knowledgeable and wise and can create a rational treatment plan. As you strive to maintain some sense of normalcy, this disease creeps its way into all aspects of your life. Dr. Ahn’s goal is to get to know you as a person in order to treat you as a whole being. Her manner eases the emotional pain felt by her patients.

Dr. Ahn is truly an advocate for her patients. The incredible amount of paper work can be overwhelming and too much to bear. She and her staff of one, make sure that all details are taken care of to relieve you of that burden, allowing the patient to focus on a speedy recovery.

Dr. Ahn has sourced and bolstered her patients and they become a part of her staff, her network. It is not out of the ordinary for Dr. Ahn to call on you, a former patient, to “pay it forward” and help the next patient in line. Visualize an ever-increasing unit of soldiers being led by Dr. Ahn, each being taught and strengthened by those who preceded them. There exists a mutual camaraderie between doctor and patient, both available to be of assistance whenever the need arises.

Dr. Ahn’s concerns extend beyond her own patients. “My friend, who was also undergoing treatment for breast cancer with a different surgeon, kept me company on one of my follow-up visits to Dr. Ahn. Dr. Ahn, being very compassionate, sensed my friend needed someone to talk to about her treatment. After asking a few gentle questions, my friend expressed her concerns. Dr. Ahn examined her and discussed treatment options and, more importantly, her state of mind. She told her how brave and tough she was, and boosted her morale, once again, showing what makes Dr. Ahn so special.”

“Seeing Dr. Ahn is like visiting a best friend.” Another patient continues with her tale. “I feel what distinguishes Dr. Ahn is that she treats you as a work of art and isn’t satisfied until you are whole again mentally and physically. At every visit she asks about loved ones and “how are your children handling all of this”? or “you are very lucky to have such a wonderful friend.” She remembers everyone’s name and current situation.”

“Dr. Ahn accepts no obstacles.” A patient sought out a new plastic surgeon willing to take on the challenge of making her whole again after a bilateral mastectomy and a failed breast reconstruction… “Dr. Ahn stepped up to the plate and performed the complicated and risky surgery needed. When I saw her the day after the surgery I told her she was my hero. Her response was that I was the hero and such a wonderful, brave, patient. I knew my search for an extraordinarily gifted, yet kindhearted surgeon had been successful.”

Christina Ahn’s name can be found cross-referenced under plastic surgeon, friend, confidante and sister. We, as her “sisters”, have derived a great deal of pride simply in the composing of this expression of gratitude and recognition. However, it is our fervent desire that Dr. Ahn be the recipient of the 2004 Gay Clark Stoddard Memorial Award. Others need to know o

Sandra Litman, Barbara Mattes, and Judy Elfenbein